"George, have you initiative of seeing a psychiatrist?"

"Are you out of your mind, First Lady? As a War President I have a committedness to the American family to secure them and to shield our inspirational democracy, freedom and autonomy. Let me cue you that Abraham Lincoln was too called a insane automobile pursuer from Illinois, before he became business executive. He aforesaid erstwhile. . "

"Please stem it George. U.S. external principle couldn't perhaps get worse; your control continues to brand it worsened by the hr. Iraq is a quagmire, as Cheney says. The Taliban is nonmoving doing good in Afghanistan, than you; and Osama bin Laden is stationary at greatest. North Korea is now a nuclear-weapons detail and Iran's nuclear ambitions are soul to experience by the 60 minutes. Your romanticist mental picture of transforming the Middle East has oil-fired destructive conflicts and authorized Islamic extremists in Iraq, Iran, the Palestinian territories and Lebanon. All these blunders can be copied to you, Supreme Commander. Have you no decency, Sir?"

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The President smiled hoping that his interest would at ease the First Lady and at the same occurrence offered to her a segment of toast he had basically buttered and layered beside that acute Marmalade from Seville oranges. But she did not fall down for the appeal disagreeable and remained still. He in the long run spoke:

"You are mortal too strict on me and my management. Our harmful transcript is not retributory a run of bad destiny but a clear-cut misunderstanding of present policies; I can not be hopeful of my Cabinet Members and different officers to hit homeruns all instance at bat. Where did I go wrong?"

"You will not admit this George but it is the truth: Clinton vanished a planetary satiated of affection, if not unavowed love, for our territorial division. Even the Israelis and the Palestinians kept up a going duologue and their basketball game teams competed next to all other in an physical exertion to get whichever of their players a abscess in the American NBA. Our links near the residual of the world were super and even the 'nasties' were felicitous to hairline fracture bread beside Clinton's envoys."

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"Forget roughly speaking Clinton, First Lady. He is a former president and hence just a piece of writing in Wikipedia, piece I am stationary present at the controls of the vessel of homeland near my go over set on the far-off sensible horizon and the pearlescent imminent that awaits our nation!"

"Gaorge, you have been linguistic process Melville again! It truly does not assistance your emotional nation state and might change state your Smeniakowsky-Berehnson Syndrome and the terrible nitrohemosyndialisis of your liquid body substance. You have made our nighest coalition twitchy and untrustworthy. They began to doubt you and by outcome dubiousness your policies and the territorial division as a complete. Who wants a badger in the bedroom, or the boardroom? Where was your decency, Sir!"

Again, the President smiled but this example it was a grin colorful by a sardonic gesticulation. He replied:

"Laura, I reflect on I have had enough of your impudent lines. Long time ago I asked you, and others if you were beside me or antagonistic me. What do you have to say to that?"

"George, it is not a substance of someone near or hostile you. It is a event of actual worship for this country; we all considered necessary you to come through but we ran into a partition confusable to that cloddish entity your boys need to body on our borders. Try for former to acknowledge that you are false and bicycle a little, earlier it is too late!"

She paused to fix herself a bread beside the grave Marmalade and next said:

"Your demand on our supremacy has made it harder to win multinational adoption. Instead of nascent main dealings through with sapient thoughtful offensives, you emphasized a U.S. disposition to frolic the Lone Ranger. This made other than nations rancorous to work. Anti-Americanism is essentially a spontaneous effect to specific U.S. policies. Yet you and your advisers ne'er reasoned subsequent a not like set of policies that would make smaller dislike and better U.S. security"

"Lady, who do you reason you are? All of a fulminant you have get a semipolitical scholar and belike a broad-minded adherent of anything opposed Bush! I am active to tell to my mother in the order of it!"

"George, please, not that! I am lately testing to hold on to you from making matters worse. There is unmoving time to find. Socrates said that 'he who corrects his mistakes, regains the unpredictability to generate one more', doesn't matter what that means. You have underestimated our opponents, convinced that they were too unconvincing to hold out the world's with the sole purpose nation. The sad sector is that the ancient five eld have shown that even immaterial nations have long manner to counter U.S. momentum."

The President became sincere and asked the First Lady:

"What did you say something like Clinton?"

"I said that he ready-made no enemies for our territorial division. Then he became an ex-President and ready-made a fate beside a twosome of book, general population appearances, seminars, golf tournaments and Miss Universe pageants, I think"

"Do you judge I could get numerous of the things Clinton got?

"An legal instrument if you livelihood ass up, dear!"


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