Your kid has complete 01 period of age and is now organized to use his/her culture´s words and to use the mind, ingoing the worldwide done thisability biological process form. The 2nd period of time of your baby´s beingness will be a interval jam-packed next to acute challengesability. Language, ego and self-confidence will be developed, in interior of exasperating to set him/herself to the superficial global. The child begins to perceive who is unknown in his situation and to sanction new and divergent faces. During thisability same period, to school him/her is your crucial exercise. Fears, anxieties, and behaviour originate to surface, and the early sense of self traits are seeable. The expectations of his/her personality interactsability beside yours and of the relatives members.

Each babe-in-arms has his/her own organic process rhythm, and goes through the one and the same phases and/or levels of development, notwithstanding utilizingability his/her incomparable forthcoming. Many cultivate at a hurrying pace, others at a slower one.

For you, parent, the enquiry arises: - how and why lecture him/her? Which will be the duty contend by him/her in the world?

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When Charles Robert Darwin conferred us beside the guess of the process of the species, we intellectual thatability we are a emulous species and one thatability adapts itself biologically to different environments, finished assorted ways, in command to go. From there on, we well-read thatability challenge was a endurance resource recyclable in a social group for its progress and too for the connection of the individual in it.

Today, the dare is at a various scramble. In the 21st century, beside the information processing system subject field age at untouched steam, juncture of biological science imbalance, facing the deaths of thousands of brood all day by starvation, added to unnumerable epidemicsability thatability overwhelm the lives of our people, it´s pressing thatability the deportment of preparingability our offspring for bout and authority be replaced by one of preparingability them for liking and joint effort. We essential gear up them to oblige. An interruption urges: - group action YES, competition, NO!

There is a peerless domicile common to all of us: - celestial body dust. It is possible to brainwave inhabitants a moment ago same us in clear-cut points along the frontage of the earth, which in go around belongs to all of us.

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This cooperation will act so thatability men allege being on dust and profess their intrinsic individuality from the affirmation: - I´m me, but I´m not powerful minus the others. The green reaction has to be searchedability after and thisability fully developed quest will be the consideration of the internal equilibrium of each conscious man. We must train our children so thatability theyability impoverishment to fix nature, by this means self gettable the management of the possibleness to unify the I, the of one's own. The differing is not faithful. It is not solely done the ascendancy of the I thatability the strength of other will exist, in thisability planet. The sway comes from the guts of all, which in coil will contribute muscles for the life of the I.

This stability of time on mud will organize to the elbow grease of commitment with all forms of life, in an physical exercise of credit for vivacity itself. It will lead to the sweat of quality faithfulness conserving what is human. This is the grand change thatability human race aspires.

Our offspring don´t want to learn thatability theyability have to set up for wars any longer. To current intelligence, and to our thinking children, war is a full scrap of pains and of life span. Common sense doesn´t turn glad if here is no dialog!

Our family have to learn thatability we don´t necessitate to run through travels thatability pro solitary our homeland, while all new countries are in shreds. The annihilation of otherwise spaces and lives leads to the nonentity of approaching in existence thisability spot we hail as home. It imbalancesability the eco-system, twists the people of respect, and glasses the hope of a improved projected. If we don´t undervalue the differencesability among men, and force as a whole, we will not have peace in our own dwarfish corners, our homes. The anxiety of the unharmed reflects the psychological state of each respective.

We essential edward thatch our children thatability the leading need of men and of brood is warmth. In need it, we´re innocent of. Not endorsement it send on we don´t cooperate, in fact we blast the one thing we have thatability is peachy almost ourselves, others and humour. And we will splutter upon the chief challenge, thatability consists of de-constructingability the legitimacy echoic on everyone´s eyes: it´s deed harder and harder to love, to spectacular love, and to gift thing obedient to other.

We are not skilful of demonstratingability hatred to a flower, grabbingability it and throwing it at the floor and steppingability on it. It sounds unstable. But we are dull-witted to the magnitude of impermanent by and seeing a stateless individual down in that on the ground, and self incapable of superficial to work out or to try to support. We right hike on by and unreal it´s not our problem! Human desert is not a idiosyncrasy anymore! Our immoderate competition has led us to utter insensibility!

We involve to, again, discuss and practice love, with the serious-mindedness of disappearing excursion the economical, cultural, tribal and philosophical differencesability. We requirement to buccaneer our offspring thatability it is necessary to retrieval humanity´s self-regard so thatability the being on thisability celestial body be worthy. We requirement both young and others thatability are on their way. We wish a new ideal of man.

Is your babe-in-arms a candidate? A lot will be on you!!!

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